Current x-ray imaging systems are designed around X-ray sources that contains a single focal spot. The availability of multi-pixel X-ray sources may enable new imaging system designs that can produce improved image quality, reduced radiation exposure and lower cost, such as fixed gantry digital tomosynthesis (DT), fixed gantry CT and Tetrahedron Beam CT (TBCT). We are developing high brightness multi-pixel thermionic X-ray (MPTEX) sources for different applications.

Multi-Pixel Thermionic Emission X-ray (MPTEX) Source Prototype.
MPTEX functioning diagram.

MPTEX sources can be used in a variety of imaging systems, including TBCT. We employed oxide cathodes in the MPTEX source that we are developing. The tube is able to produce high tube current for TBCT imaging. The current prototype may contain up to 50 X-ray pixels in 4mm spacing. It has the advantage of fast scanning speed, fast cooling rate, low manufacturing costs and compact geometry.

X-ray images generated by MPTEX source.


Rao Khan, PhD