Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Tiezhi Zhang, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology

  • PhD, Medical Physics: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI (2004)


Tiezhi Zhang, PhD, is an assistant professor of radiation oncology and co-chief of Proton Therapy physics service in the Radiation Oncology department. Dr. Zhang earned a PhD in Medical Physics from University of Wisconsin 2004. He joined the Washington University faculty in 2014. He is certified in Therapeutic Radiological Physics by the American Board of Radiology.


Dr. Zhang is developing novel X-ray imaging technologies for image-guided radiotherapy. His lab is developing high brightness multi-pixel thermionic emission X-ray (MPTEX) sources, as well as a novel Tetrahedral beam CT (TBCT) using the MPTEX source. TBCT is a compact volumetric CT system that is immune to the problems of current cone beam CT system by using a new scanning geometry. It can produce high-quality CT images for image-guided radiotherapy and intervention.


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Lab Members

Post-Doctoral Researchers

 Praneeth Kandlakunta, PhD

  • PhD, Nuclear Engineering (2014)
  • MS, Nuclear Engineering (2012)
  • BE, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (2008)

Research Interests: Developing MPTEX source, TBCT and Linac Monte Carlo Simulation

Graduate Students

Richard Pham

  • BS in Biomedical/Medical Engineering, Mathematics, Saint Louis University, (2014)
  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering: Washington University, St. Louis, MO (expected 2018)

Research Interests: Development of TBCT based image guided adaptive proton therapy, including deformable image registration, proton dose calculation and TBCT image reconstruction algorithms.

Visiting Scholars

Rao Wei, PhD

  • PhD in Optic Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, China (2012)
  • MS in Acoustic Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, China (2007)
  • BS in Communication Engineering, Wuhan University, China (2005)

Research Interests: Development of an electronic proton range detection device. Development of iterative image reconstruction algorithm based on cylindrical image coordinates.


Xiaochao Xu, Post-doctoral researcher (CT detector Scientist, Toshiba Medical Research Institute, Chicago, IL)

Joshua Kim, PhD Student (Medical Physics Resident, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI)